Gujarat on high alert following terror advisory

Gandhinagar – errorists might have entered the state, state Home Minister Rajanikant Patel said here. “We had received inputs from the central government yesterday (Saturday) about terror suspects having entered the state,” the minister told reporters here. “We have issued a high alert,” he said, and the security has been increased. Patel said the central

Sanders campaign to use India video against Clinton

Washington – As Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton vowed to punish companies that leave the US, her rival dug out a video of hers saying in India that there are “pluses and minuses” to outsourcing US jobs. Rival Bernie Sanders’s campaign is planning to widely distribute the video of Clinton on television in India in

Symposium presents blueprint for trans-boundary cooperation

Dehradun/Guwahati: Delivering the valedictory address at the International Symposium, recently on ‘Transforming Mountain Forestry’, Dr. Krishan Kant Paul, the Governor of Uttarakhand, enlisted a range of ideas for the experts to consider in future deliberations. “The once highest rainfall area of Cherrapunji in Meghalaya is now bereft of forests and shrubs, challenging foresters to bring

“After independence, we got bureaucracy not democracy”

Bangalore – After independence, we got bureaucracy, not a democracy, said Bhaskar Rao Gorantla, Research Director of National Social Watch. He was addressing a gathering of civil society representatives at a consultation programme organized by the Karnataka Social Watch on administrative reforms. Listing various structural problems in the administration, he said that although the central