About Us

To open a window of information with the blend of balanced views empowering readers to take action on issues of human concerns. To provide a voice to voiceless and to focus on perspectives which can nourish a Just society.

To provide honest news, fearless views and to empower people with information so as to aid informed decision making, that will shape the future of the country. To report on issues that affect people, societies, and nations.

What we believe
In the age of “breaking” news and manufactured consent, popular media mostly serves a recipe of sensation to the elite. The real issues like displacement, poverty, malnutrition, healthcare, unemployment, human rights violations, economic disparity, and injustices are sought to be brushed under the carpet. The intellectuals who do not toe the line between the rich and the powerful are muffled. The poor and the downtrodden have been rendered voiceless Instead of providing a platform for action through information, media houses are guilty of indulging in the malpractice of paid news
We at new first believe in the cardinal principle of engagement with all the stakeholders and freedom of speech. We believe in the principle of actionable news. We do not subscribe to Sensation and yellow journalism. We will strive to build a bridge between all the interested parties. Fusing the policy debate with issues and action is what we envision for ourselves

What we do
At new first we feel duty bound to provide news to the internet users with insight and honesty. We bring the issues that affect the common man from ground zero with analytical excellence. We analyze policies and issues. We bring special reports on different issues ranging from displacement to foreign policy and from communal violence to successful schemes for the benefit of people. We at new first provide a platform for the different voices, writers, and opinions. We will empower the common man to formulate informed decisions